JUTC News Release

CPFSA Partners with JUTC To Return Missing Children to Safety

Kingston, Jamaica: August 17, 2021
One thousand employees of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) are now being trained
to help with the recovery of missing children through a partnership with the Child Protection and
Family Services Agency’s (CPFSA) Ananda Alert Secretariat.
Under the initiative, drivers, conductors and dispatchers will be trained in identifying signs of
child abuse, categories of missing children, identifying children who may be at-risk (runaways,
abducted, otherwise exploited), handling incidents and making reports.
Chief Executive Officer at the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA), Rosalee
Gage-Grey, said the partnership with JUTC is the first in a series of trainings by the Ananda
Alert Secretariat to sensitize workers in the transport sector about missing children and the role
they can play in the recovery process.
Mrs. Gage-Grey added that the partnership was also developed in recognition of the need to
embrace new strategies and synergies that aid in the safe and speedy recovery of missing
“The Ananda Alert Programme has a four-pronged approach: prevention, recovery, intervention
and knowledge sharing. The transport sector is well-poised to assist us in much of these areas,
but particularly the recovery aspect. Children take buses and taxis every day. Therefore, we
believe that the partnership with the transport sector will greatly aid in our efforts to locate
missing children and even further our prevention efforts,” Mrs. Gage-Grey said.
Meanwhile, JUTC’s Managing Director Paul Abrahams said the partnership was quite timely as
there is an urgent need for Jamaicans to protect the nation’s children.
“At the JUTC, we care about the well-being of the nation’s children. This partnership involving
our frontline team will mean more eyes and ears to identify incidents of child abuse and to
recover missing children with our wide network of drivers and dispatchers. Our children are our
future and we must do everything we can to protect them,” Mr. Abrahams said.
Last year, 1,066 children were reported missing with 843 located; a decrease from 2019 where
1,534 children were reported missing with 1,072 located.
Mrs. Gage-Grey said the numbers are still a cause for great concern as any missing child is a
child in need of care and protection.
Operated by CPFSA’s National Children’s Registry, the Ananda Alert Secretariat, established in
2009, has responsibility for the implementation of missing children interventions and
coordinating of stakeholders in the Ananda Alert system.