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JUTC’s Sub-Franchise Operation

About JUTC’s Sub-Franchise Operation

JUTC currently has exclusive rights to provide public transit service to the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region (KMTR) which comprises Kingston, St. Andrew, and Portmore and Spanish Town in St. Catherine. The JUTC collaborates with private operators to provide supplemental services on certain routes within the KMTR where the JUTC, by virtue of certain operational challenges, cannot safely or efficiently operate. Currently there are some 400 private vehicle owners that benefit from this partnership and provide public transportation services on select routes.

How to apply

  1. Purchase an application package at the JUTC Greater Portmore Office
  2. Complete and submit the application form with the relevant vehicle documents


You will need

  1. Valid vehicle documents
    1. Registration Certificate
    2. Fitness Certificate
    3. Insurance Certificate or Cover Note
  2. Last issued road license (renewing applicants only)
  3. Valid ID (Drivers License, Passport or National ID)
  4. Structural Report (for vehicles that surpass the age requirement) link TA website
  5. Companies: Tax Compliance Letter, Certificate of Incorporation of Company and Articles of Incorporation (new companies)

JUTC Sub-Franchise Routes

Route # Route Name
Constant Spring to Woodford
Jacks Hill to Barbican
Papine to Cambridge
Papine to Constitution Hill
Papine to Content Gap
Papine to Dallas
Papine to Dublin Castle
Papine to Halls Delight
Papine to Jacks Hill
Papine to Mt. Charles
Papine to Norbrook Heights
Papine to Penfield
Papine to Red Light
Papine to St. Peters
Papine to Tower Hill
Papine to Westphalia
Waterhouse to Three Miles
6 Naggo Head to Spanish Town
30 Waltham Park Road to Downtown
35 Seaview Gardens to Downtown
48 Rock Hall to Chancery Street
53A Above Rocks to Constant Spring
54A Border to Constant Spring
81 Waterhouse to Downtown
82 Waterhouse to Cross Roads
1 Hellshire to Downtown
1A Hellshire to HWT
53 Above Rocks to Downtown
54 Border to Downtown
3A Christian Gardens – HWT
17 Greater Portmore – Downtown
17A Greater Portmore – HWT
18A Greater Portmore – HWT
20 Greater Portmore – Downtown
20A Greater Portmore – HWT
44 Havendale – Downtown
46 Meadowbrook – Downtown
60 Golden Spring to Downtown
97 Bull Bay to Downtown
97A Bull Bay to HWT

Download the Change of Vehicle Form

You will be required to provide vehicle details for both vehicles on this form. Be sure to take along the original vehicle documents (registration, fitness, insurance, road license) for the new vehicle. Your records will be updated subsequently both at the JUTC and at the Transport Authority.