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Thank you for visiting the JUTC’s web site. Here are a few suggestions to help you find out what you want to know about the Company quickly and easily:

  • Many of the questions you may have about the JUTC and its services can be answered by visiting our FAQs
  • Our maps and schedules pages can help you plan your trips easily.  If you require further assistance, please call our Customer Service Team at 876-948-4240 or 876-598-6060
  • Customers with Disabilities are provided special assistance at the Half Way Tree Transport Centre

How long is the Kingston City Tour?

The tour will last for approximately six (6) hours.

What time is the Kingston City Tour check-in?

We ask that guests check-in 45minutes prior departure time.

Is there a Kingston City Tour route map available?


Is there a different price for foreigners for the Kingston City Tour?

Yes. The various sites do have their non- resident rates.

When can I cancel the Kingston City Tour?

We ask that notice of cancellation be given at least 48 hours before the time of the scheduled tour.

How long is the Kingston City Tour?

The tour will last for apporoximately six (6) hours.

How can I charter a JUTC bus?

Contact can be made to the charter department at 749-0474 or email us at charter@jutc.com.jm where we will provide information to you.

Where can I make payment for a JUTC charter bus?

  • Half-Way –Tree Transport Centre
  • Spanish Town LayBy/Terminus
  • Downtown Hub (Church Street across from the Ward Theatre)
  • Greater Portmore Hub (Greater Portmore Mall)

What are the required payment methods?

  • Cash, Debit and Credit card (2-3 business day before charter date)
  • Cheque and wire transfer (1 business week before the charter date)

Can smarter cards be used to pay for a charter?

No. Smartercards are only used to pay for fares for route buses.

How many pickup points are allowed per charter?

A maximum of two pickup points are allowed per charter.

Does the JUTC use a standard route to travel to a particular destination?

Routes may vary based on certain logistics, however if a customer request to travel a certain route the charter team will bill you according to your request.

How many seats are on the bus?

The regular bus holds a maximum of 53 seats while the premium bus can carry between 53 & 57 seats.

Does the JUTC allow standing on charters?

Absolutely no standing is permitted to safeguard public safety.

Can we request a particular driver?

The JUTC does not facilitate request of drivers. All our drivers are trained and must provide exceptional service at all times.

Is food allowed on the bus?

Food is not allowed on the bus because most of our buses are cushioned seats. To do so, would be to encourage rodent infestation. However, arrangements can be made to facilitate a snack break en-route to your destination.

Can I pay fares using cash and or card on the regular service?

Yes, we accept cash and the JUTC Smartercard as payment for fares. However, on the premium service only smartercards are accepted. As time moves on, we are moving towards creating a cashless enterprise where passengers will use their cards and or their phones to pay fares.

How do I go about getting a Smartercard?

Complete an application form at any of our four locations

Information required

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Valid Identification
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Name of School/ Institution

Where are the JUTC's main locations?

Our main locations are:

  • Half Way Tree Transport Centre
  • Spanish Town Layby
  • JUTC Greater Portmore Office
  • East Parade Office
  • JUTC Mobile Units

Are there different types of Smartercards?

Yes, there are two different types of smartercards:

  • Concession Smartercard for senior citizens, disabled, student and children
  • Adult smartercard

Do adults pay a different fare versus a child or disabled person?

Yes. The different fares are as follow:

  • Senior Citizen pay – $40.00
  • Student pay – $30.00
  • Disabled pay – $30.00
  • Children pay – $30.00

What is the cost for an adult when using the smartercard?

The cost for an adult when using the smartercard is $100.00

Please see customer profile guide below

Disabled All
Child 3-11yrs
Students 12-19 in uniforms(Traditional High Schools & CMI Student)
Adults 20-59yrs
Seniors 60yrs up

What is the cost for a student not in uniform on weekends and holidays compared to other concessionaires?

On weekends and holidays student pay a cost of $100 when not in uniform, while other concessionaires pay the same flat fare.

If a student is in uniform and takes the bus on a weekend or holiday would they still pay $100?

No, the student should indicate to the driver before placing smartercard on machine and the operator should select the student icon which will result in them paying the student fare which is $30.00.

On the day of a child’s 12th birthday what is the procedure if the smartercard isn’t accepted on the machine?

On a child’s 12th birthday the smartercard should be taken to one of our major location to be updated to student profile.

How can I check the balance on my Smartercard?

Whenever a ticket is printed the remaining balance on the smartercard is reflected on same.

How can I submit a complaint or commendation, make a suggestion or request information?

A complaint, commendation, suggestion or information request can be sent to customercare@jutc.com.jm or swanliss@jutc.com.jm

If I lose something on the bus what do I do?

If something is lost on any of our buses one should contact our Call Centre and provide the agent with the information on the ticket from the bus along with the description of what was lost.

What do I do if my Smartercard is lost or stolen?

If your smartercard is lost/ stolen you should immediately contact our call Centre or go to any of our major locations and asked for the smartercard to be blacklisted.

Can the Smartercard be used to pay for charters?

No, smartercards are only use to pay fares.

When the Smartercard is exhausted, how do I top it up, can I use a credit/ debit card and can I do so online?

When the smartercard is exhausted it can be recharge at anyone of our major locations or at any one of our external top up outlets. Yes, credit/debit cards are accepted.  Top up online is not yet in effect, however we are looking into doing so.

Do I have to apply for a new card once applicable for senior citizen fare?

No,  once the commuter is at the required age for senior citizen concessionary card, they are required to take a form of identification along with their smartercard to one of our major locations to be updated.

What do I do if I am overcharged on the bus?

If a commuter is overcharged on the bus, they must summit a claim within 48hours of completing the journey to the JUTC’s Customer Care Department. Compensation will only be made by way of the smartercard. Refunds will not be facilitated after 48hours.

How do I make a claim for refund if I am overcharged?

To access refund, customers must provide:

  • A written request;
  • Transaction receipt(s);
  • A smartercard in the name of the requesting party;
  • A valid identification (adults/concession) or provide pertinent personal details contained on the election fare collection system (concession).

What are the costs for replacement of smarter cards?

  • For adult passengers cost is $500.00
  • For concessionaires cost is $300.00

How do I get my child to access the disabled service?

We require you to submit the details of your child to include his/her name, school and address to the relevant depot so that it may be transmitted to the operator for his/her information and use.

Can a smartercard be created with a zero balance?

No, a smartercard cannot be created with a zero balance. All smartercard should be activated with a balance equivalent to a round trip.

How many smartercard is each passenger entitled to?

Each passenger is entitled to one (1) smartercard.

What is the period for replacing a smartercard?

For Adult replacement:

  • Three(3) days- not inclusive of the day it was reported
  • Same day replacement is prohibited.


For Concession Replacement:

  • Same day replacements are permitted (conditions apply)
  • Same day replacement for concession passengers will not exceed the equivalent of eight(8) rides lower at the concession fare (eg. 8 * $30 = $240.00)
  • If the balance is more than the eight (8) rides then only the eight (8) rides will be added to the replaced card on the day of replacement and three days after the Card Transaction is confirmed then the commuter should come back with receipt and replaced card to the same location to retrieve remaining balance.

In the event that my smartercard is malfunctioning and shows no sign of damage will JUTC absorb the cost for replacement?

Yes, If the card has no sign of damage and is malfunctioning then JUTC will absorb the cost for replacement card.

If a balance was on my smarter card when it was lost/stolen/physically damaged, after request to blacklist will it be transferred to my replacement smarter card?

Yes, the remaining balance for a lost,  stolen , damaged or malfunctioning card will be calculated based on the date and time the report is made to the customer Service Department.

What are the types of identification required for adult and concessionaires?

Types of identification for adults and concessionaires are listed in the table below:

Adults Concessionaires
Driver’s Licence School Identification
National Identification Birth Certificate
Passport Passport
National Council for Senior Citizens Identification
Disability Associations
Noticeable disabilities

What is required when doing a replacement of smarter card?

Requirements for replacements are:

  • Name of Cardholder
  • Valid identification
  • Cardholders’ personal data recorded on the electronic fare collection system.

I am a current sub-franchise operator and wish to change my vehicle to a newer model, what is the process to do so?

If you wish to change a vehicle for which you already have a road license you will need to come in to our offices and complete a “Change of Vehicle” form. You will be required to provide vehicle details for both vehicles on this form. Be sure to take along the original vehicle documents (registration, fitness, insurance, road license) for the new vehicle. Your records will be updated subsequently both at the JUTC and at the Transport Authority.

I would like to add/ remove a name from my current road license, how do I do that?

An applicant involved in a joint venture who wishes to remove his/ her name from the sub-franchise agreement, or wishes to remove the other party’s name, both applicants must provide in writing a letter confirming same. The letter must be stamped and signed by a Justice of the Peace.

Additions of names to an existing road license are typically not allowed except under certain discretionary circumstances. An applicant who is considering adding a name to his/her road license must apply to do so in writing to the JUTC. The applicant must outline the circumstances that have triggered the request and provide supporting documentation to for same. An applicant must receive consent from the JUTC in this regard before adding a name to the documents of the licensed vehicle.

Can I sell or transfer my road license to someone else?

Sale or transfer of road licenses is strictly prohibited! An applicant who wishes to discontinue the sub-franchise arrangement must surrender his license by submitting a letter to the JUTC along with the last issued road license.

When I apply, am I guaranteed a space/route?

New Applicants are not guaranteed a space however applications are kept on file during the licensing year and applicants will be duly notified where spaces become available.

Will I have to pay the entire JUTC fee in full?

Currently applicants pay the JUTC sub-franchise fee in two equal installments.

It is the second half of the renewal year and I only paid half my fees, what do I do?

Applicants who need to pay the second installment on their fees need only visit any JUTC payment location with the original consent letter received earlier and make the second payment then proceed to Transport Authority.

Will I have to purchase an application package each licensing year?

Yes, each licensing year both new and returning applicants must submit an application for licence for that year.

What happens if I do not pay my JUTC sub-franchise fees by the stipulated time?

The JUTC reserves the right to cancel consents where payments are not made within the first (3) months from the date an applicant was issued the consent letter. Applicants will still be billed for the installment due at the point of cancellation. It is important that applicants cancel the agreement early if they foresee a challenge in providing the service.

What are the steps if I wish to change my account to my company name?

Applicants are required to complete the Change of Name to Company Form accompanied by the following: Certificate of Incorporation of Company and Articles of Incorporation; Current Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC); Current vehicle documents (MVRC, Fitness, Insurance) bearing the company’s name.

If you don’t find the answer to your question through the FAQs, please email us. You may send email to the following addresses:

For customer service issues – customerservice@jutc.com.jm or charter@jutc.com.jm and for any other matter, please email, pr@jutc.com.jm . We’ll get you the answer you’re looking for as soon as possible.

If you want to request detailed information via Access to Information, ATI, you must do so via chowell@jutc.com.jm

One important note: if you have information of an emergency nature to communicate to the JUTC, please do not send it by e-mail. To report an emergency, dial our REPORT IT Hotline – 876-570-1789.