Terms of Reference for

Marketing, Communications & Customer Service Committee

1. Constitution

The Board hereby resolves to establish a Board committee to be known as the Marketing, Communications & Customer Service Committee.

2. Objectives

The fundamental role of the Committee is to support and work collaboratively with the executive management, to offer suggestions and formulate Marketing/Advertising/Business and Communication strategies that will promote the JUTC as the preferred mode of transport for all.

3. Membership

The committee shall be appointed by the Board.  All committee members shall be independent non-executive directors of the company.  The committee shall consist of not less than three (3) members.

The quorum of the Committee shall be two (2) members.

4. Attendance at Meetings

The committee shall meet monthly.  However, emergency meetings may be called from time to time, as and when appropriate.  Management invitees shall be the Marketing & Sales Manager, Corporate Communications Manager and any other Department Head which may be required by the committee when necessary.

The Company Secretary shall be the secretary of the committee.

5. Responsibilities

  1. Assist in the development of and to approve the marketing and business development plan for all appropriate areas (advertising, charter, smarter cards/point of sales) in support of the Company’s strategic plan.
  2. Ensure the development of a corporate image and communications strategy.
  3. Ensure implementation of plans and to monitor progress against the strategic plan.
  4. Provide the Board with expert advice and input on key initiatives/issues related to marketing, business development and customer service
  5. Provide oversight of the Company’s risk strategy ensuring that proposals are aligned with its risk appetite, ensuring risks to customers have been identified and appropriate actions put in place to mitigate and monitor such risks
  6. Advise the Marketing Department and the Board of emerging threats and opportunities to the marketing strategy as the environment changes.
  7. Make recommendations and evaluate the effectiveness of all marketing and customer service initiatives.
  8. Collaborate with the Operations Committee and Department to ensure that the service being provided adequately meets the needs of customers.
  9. Monitor the achievement of tactical, viable and strategic goals as represented by quantifiable and time bound targets.
  10. Receive monthly reports summarising marketing and customer service activities and subsequent action plans.
  11. Promote dialogue and information exchange regarding public communication of key customer issues.