members of the

JUTC Management Team

Executive Management

Paul Abrahams
Managing Director
Owen Smith
Deputy Managing Director, Operations
Elaine Hall
Deputy Managing Director - Human Resources & Administration
Marcia Hamilton
Deputy Managing Director - Finance & Corporate Planning

Corporate Office

Christina Howell
Company Secretary
Erica Clarke
Revenue and Budget Controller
Nathalia Palomino
Marketing and Sales Manager
Casuel Pinnock
Operations, Manager (AVL)
Cecil Thoms
Corporate Communications Manager
Shackeba Johnson
Industrial Relations Manager
Georgia Redway
Procurement Manager
Ian Nesbeth
Information Technology, Manager

Accounting Manager
Tenequnie Duquesnay
Internal Audit Manager
Patricia Edwards-Wright
Central Stores Manager
Granville Gause
Security Manager
Sharlene Taylor
Financial Controller
Kimberlee Dobson
Legal Officer
Carla Barrett
Service Planning, Manager


Anita Rambally
General Manager
Deon Mclaughlin
Maintenance Manager (Acting)
Patrick Williams
Depot Operations Manager (Acting)
Tamara Richardson
Accounting Manager


Romain-Khade Gayle
Depot Operations Manager
Ronald Brown
Maintenance Manager
Dahlia Wright
Accounting Manager

Spanish Town

Neville Francis
General Manager
Orlando Walters
Depot Operations Manager (Acting)
Tamar Grant
Maintenance Manager
Allison Davis
Accounting Manager


Barrington Y. Brown
Fleet and Quality Assurance
Christopher Crawford
Maintenance Manager

Half Way Tree Transport Centre & Downtown

Keith Blake
General Manager
Patrick Boodie
Depot Operations Manager
Philroy Houslin
Depot Operations Manager, Downtown