Terms of Reference

Operations, Logistics and Security Committee

(to incorporate Information Technology)

The purpose of the Committee is to provide direction and leadership on the functional responsibilities detailed below.

The members of the Committee shall be at least three non-executive Directors

The Chairman of the Committee shall be a non-executive Director appointed by the board.

The quorum of the Committee shall be two members.

Meetings of the Committee will be held monthly.

Invitees include the respective Department Heads plus other members of the Executive and Managers as required.

The secretary of the Company shall be the secretary of the Committee.

The Committee is authorised by the board to seek appropriate professional advice inside and outside the group as and when it considers this necessary.

Duties and Responsibilities
Operations, Logistics and Security

  1. Establish in conjunction with management and review the performance targets to be achieved by each depot.
  2. Review the policies, which directly affect the Company’s security and bus operations.
  3. Review the technical and physical infrastructure required for effective bus operations, passenger comfort and security.
  4. Review the information provided to passengers.
  5. Review the findings of the various surveys carried out to determine and measure the effectiveness of the service provided by the Company.
  6. Review and assess accidents, revenue leakage and matters of security, on a quarterly basis.
  7. The Committee shall review policies concerning all aspects of public passenger security within the KMTR and to ensure that such policies are consistent with international standards.

Information Technology

  1. To ensure effective and secure utilization of technology within the corporation
  2. Evaluate, and advise with respect to, the direction of the corporation’s technological evolution
  3. Oversee effective protection of the corporation’s intellectual property.  
  4. Recommend technology and procedures to meet the corporation’s financial and regulatory obligations with respect to privacy, data retention and data protection.

Appendix 1 a. Performance Targets
Attached Appendix A is the recommended list of performance indicators and targets.  The Committee shall focus on the issues that affect the attainment of these targets and provide the necessary guidance and instructions and critically monitor the Efficiency Improvement and Road Management Committee.

The Committee shall take the necessary action by requesting that the Industrial Relations Manager and/or DMD HR and Administration meet with the University & Allied Workers Union (UAWU) for both parties to sign-off on the Drug, Accident, and Security Policies, labour agreement and the M.O.U. as may become necessary from time to time.

There should be periodic review of the work rules and the pertinent sections of the Disciplinary Code so as to ensure that it meets the requirement of a transit company.

b. Technical & Physical Infrastructure
The Committee shall review the technical reports and recommendations for improvements on the performance of the buses to ensure that the manufacturers are advised accordingly and warranty honoured in a timely manner.

The Committee shall also review recommendations for the replacement of an addition to the fleet and equipment and disposal of damaged buses and equipment.

The Committee shall ensure that the manufacturer’s maintenance schedules are adhered to and improved upon.

The Committee shall develop short, medium and long term plans that address the introduction or development, either in-house or in consultation with the Ministry of Transport & Works (MTW) of the necessary technical and physical infrastructure required for an efficient, passenger and environmentally friendly public transportation system.

Under this heading the Committee will address issues such as telecommunication, park – ride locations, scheduling, rostering and vehicle location systems, as well as, the requirements for terminals, lay – byes, bus stops, bus lanes and priority access for buses and the need to ensure that the traffic plans for the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region (KMTR) give priority to public transport.

Special emphasis shall be placed in respect to representation to the MTW and the National Works Agency (NWA) on road infrastructure matters.

c. Information Provided for Passengers
The Committee should set deadlines for the Scheduling Department to submit timetables for review and subsequent publication.  In addition, the Committee should review information that will be posted on/or available through the Company’s website.

d. Review of Surveys
The Committee shall approve the quantity, type and frequency of surveys to be conducted to determine customer satisfaction and provide other information and feedback from customers.  A list of survey instruments should be developed and should be conducted at the same time each year, so that yearly comparisons can be established to determine the effectiveness of the Company’s bus operations.

e. Reports
The respective Department shall submit monthly reports to the Committee for review. The reports shall include but not limited to details of action taken in response to specific instructions given by the Committee, explanation of variances and corrective measures taken.  These reports should be circulated to Committee members at least three (3) days prior to Committee meeting.

f. Accidents
The Committee shall:

  1. Establish a sub-committee to review accident reports and conduct enquiries into accidents involving vehicles owned and/or operated by the Company pursuant to the Grievance Procedures & Disciplinary Code.
  2. Ensure that the sub-committee determine the liability of drivers who are involved in accidents.
  3. Set general policy guidelines including remedial actions.
  4. Review accident trends on a quarterly basis, and use this to inform the accident prevention programme.


Members of the Operations, Logistics & Security Committee (Information Technology incorporated)

  • Errol Edwards – member and chair since May 2016
  • Sean Azan – member since October 2017
  • Ian Murray – member since May 2016
  • Theresa Turner – member since May 2016, Managing Director (ex officio) and Board Chairman (ex officio)