JUTC News Release

JUTC Driver Stabbed After Foiling Robbery

A driver employed to the Jamaica Urban Transit Company Limited (JUTC) who was stabbed on the weekend after foiling an attempted robbery in downtown Kingston, was released from hospital yesterday.

It is understood that sometime after 2pm on Saturday, the JUTC driver who had been waiting in the vicinity of the Ward Theatre, observed a woman being accosted by a male assailant who attempted to relieve her of a cell phone and other personal belongings.

The driver made an alarm and intervened after seeing the man physically assaulting her. The would-be robber then attacked the driver stabbing him in his right shoulder and abdomen. The attacker fled the scene.

The injured driver drove himself to a dispatch point where he was assisted to the hospital by police officers. The female victim did not receive any stab wound from the perpetrator.

Corporate Communications Manager Cecil Thoms says “this unfortunate incident once again highlights the myriad challenges that our drivers face when they venture out.” He added “Crime is a feature of the Jamaican society and our drivers are not immune to its impact. Rain or shine, our drivers are mandated to transport people and this assault is just symptomatic of a wider ill. We are grateful that our driver is still with us and we’re providing all the support he needs to recuperate.”

“We salute his bravery, but at the same time encourage our drivers to be vigilant as they do their work. It is also the Christmas season and so there is heightened commercial activity. I’m encouraging our commuters to be mindful of their surroundings and not to flaunt jewelry or money whilst travelling,” the Corporate Communications Manager noted.