JUTC News Release

JUTC shortens journey due to breakaway

The Jamaica Urban Transit Company, JUTC, is advising the public that as a result of a breakaway on a section of the main road to Above Rocks, St. Catherine, it will have to shorten the journey for buses which ply route 53 (Half Way Tree, Constant Spring, Stony Hill and Above Rocks).


The breakaway is in the vicinity of the Above Rocks Police Station which is located between the terminal point and the turnaround point for buses.


Corporate Communications Manager, Cecil Thoms, says the weight and vibration of the bus when passing this area could contribute to a further collapsing of the road.

He says the safety of commuters is paramount, and so buses that ply the route will not cross the breakaway.


Our buses will now turn around at Parks Road which is approximately a mile and a half from the terminus, and will undoubtedly impact a significant number of passengers, but it’s best to be safe than sorry.


He says the truncation of the route is likely to be in place until the road is fixed, and that the bus company is in touch with stakeholders.